Meet Our New Author Emma-Jane Taylor, whose inspiring book, ‘Don’t Hold Back’ is out now.

Last month, Inspirational Mentor Emma-Jane Taylor published her first book, Don’t Hold Back, which shares her powerful and moving story from abandonment and abuse to recovery and freedom. It’s a self-help book directed at anyone who has experienced challenges in their lives and offers them a tool kit to support them in their recovery.

What inspired you to write this book now?
I felt it was my time. I have built up strength around me and now I feel able and capable to support others with my writing and voice.

How difficult was it for you to share the truth of your grooming and abuse with your parents and the world?
I found it extremely difficult. Can you imagine, having kept it quiet for as long as I can remember and having been something that was very much part of my normality, it was difficult to share the truth of what happened.

How do you feel your story and your book can help others?
I am not alone. There are many people being abused or feeling intimidated daily. Also, my voice isn’t just about abuse, it is about pain and how pain creates problems for many people.

Do you think enough is being done to keep children safe from child abuse and grooming in the UK?
Education is a big part of stopping the problems going on around the world. We need to keep raising our voice, keep sharing and keep giving our lessons in life to those that need some support in knowing they are not alone.

This is your first book, what was your writing process like?
Well, it was tough at the start because I wasn’t sure where it was all going. But after speaking with Vision Maker Press and structuring the book, it became an easier process. I have so much to say and I wasn’t always sure about how to fully express it, but VMP helped that process; they helped me get my voice heard.

How long did it take you to write your book?
A lifetime. No, I guess the actual writing process took me around 2 years – my book isn’t big but it was tough writing about some things, so I would break for weeks at a time to help me clear my head and get back on point with life.

Did you stick to a writing timetable?
No. For me it was about feeling it: if I felt it I wrote it, but if I wasn’t ‘feeling it’ then if I didn’t write. I am a passionate speaker / writer and that, I think, comes out with this work.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?
Writing my story. I didn’t really want to give too much detail, but I knew I had to if I really wanted the book to inspire and motivate people. I have life experiences that led me to developing tools to support my recovery, sharing these and my voice is the whole purpose of Don’t Hold Back.

Having gone through the process of writing a book, what advice would you give to anyone who is currently writing, or thinking of writing their first book?
Never doubt yourself. If you have something to say, then get it out there. We want to hear from you…

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Here book, Don’t Hold Back is £9.99 and available on Amazon



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