About Us

Vision Maker Press is a self-publishing business and joint collaboration between published Author, Consultant and Radio Broadcaster, Naseem Ahsun and Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Sarah Ray.

We are passionate about supporting writers through their writing journey and dedicated to providing the best possible service we can. Consequently, we are always open to new possibilities when it comes to helping you self-publish your book.

At Vision Maker Press, we strongly believe that our authors should have complete ownership over all their work. Consequently, you retain all rights and responsibilities.  

We offer a range of services, from: a writing coaching, consultation, full editing service, bespoke book cover design, ISBN acquisition, printing services, E-book conversion, audio books, uploading your book and E-book to Amazon,  illustrations and registration with the libraries.  Our services are very much dependent on your needs and how we can meet your needs when it comes to self-publishing your book.

However, we do not sell you book as a traditional publisher would. We will make it available to selling platforms such as Amazon.

We also offer a professional audiobook service including editing and upload to Audible and iTunes.  You can either voice your book or use our voiceover service too. 

In addition, we can also offer some marketing on our website and via social media.

We will:

  • promote your book on our website and social media
  • add you to our author page and give you the opportunity to be a guest blogger on our website
  • offer an exclusive author interview, where you can share your writing journey
  • There may also be an opportunity to source expert marketing and PR services, including radio and tv appearances, as well as professional photographs through the partnerships we have already established with leaders in this field.

We pride ourselves in offering transparency in all areas, with no hidden costs. Flexible payment options are also available.

We, at Vision Maker Press, are committed to supporting you, the visionaries, of the world.

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